Love the Blast from the Past section. I know those feelings well.

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I was thinking about this piece literally 30 mins ago in the showers.

Rational selfishness => help yourself to help others


Enlightened self-interest => help others to help yourself

often requires patience and foresight because there's a time delay to the second order effect.

This is not exactly easy mode.

Ideally, if we can find a game that's not just positive sum, but also such that we play it

1. there's an immediate benefit to ourselves first time and every time we play it

2. there's an eventual benefit to other people, the more we play it (hence positive sum)

3. there's another second order benefit to ourselves because we benefitted others from our playing it long term in point 2.

If we can find a game like that, then we don't need any motivational coaching and advice. The playing of the game will take care of the motivation itself.

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